The most dark and extreme feature from the Butch Dixon stable, brace yourselves gents. George Sauvage plunders Nicolas Torri’s hole, fucking him with his big, dark, uncut dick and even stuffing his bollocks up Nicolas’ arse, followed by his fist. David Castan is up to elbow in notorious Parisian fister Mathieu Paris – that is when he’s got him good and loose with his dick. David unloads his pent up jizz in Mathieu’s slutty mouth. Cristian Torrent explores Ulysses hole with tools, fingers, tongue and fat dick. Mark Thorn offers up his body for a video tour, stretching his hole for the viewers and totally getting off on being watched. Selu Leon shows just how far you can go with up-to-the-limit arse stretching with his ‘pet’ dildo, he even has a name for him.


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