In the third scene of Titan Men’s “Barnstorm”, rough daddies fuck young gay cowboys. You’ll probably recognize some of the legends – Allen Silver, Jesse Santana, Andrew Justice, Justin Burkshire and Bo Matthews. As the sun sets and the moon rises over the barn, Allen, Jesse and Andrew are still going at it with the three stroking each other’s cocks as a prelude to the explosive finale that’s about to follow. Allen’s engorged cock is oozing with pre-cum, a minor detail that’s not missed by the other two guys who finger it as they stoke and suck each another.

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Their three-way is interrupted by two additional crew members who drop in: Justin Burkshire and Bo Matthews. The two are all-too-eager to peel back their overalls and dive into the cock buffet going on in front of them. The two newcomers are on their backs with their legs in the air in no time, gleefully accommodating the fat cocks and unforgiving pounding from Andrew and Allen, while Jesse mans the camcorder and tapes all the action. Jesse, the cock-hungry bottom that he is, knocks Justin Burkshire off his bale of hay and takes his place alongside Bo. The two energetic tops, Allen and Andrew, flip back and forth between the two eager bottoms, Jesse and Bo, who are rock hard and moaning in pure delight as the tops fuck them harder and harder until the four of them erupt in ecstasy.


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