Colton Roth, John Truitt and Matt Sizemore in the second scene of Desire by Titan Men.

Champagne breakfast is not all bubbles. Stud couple Colton Roth and John Truitt, with their well hung neighbor, Matt Sizemore, celebrate the relationship they have developed with one another. Blanketed in robes and roasting near an open fire, they toast to their one-year anniversary, as from the moment they met, it was three-way fucking destiny.

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Why wouldn’t it be? From the day Roth and Truitt moved into the building directly across the street from Sizemore, they knew this guy was going to be more than just an enjoyable handful. They caught an extra long glimpse of him naked one day, displaying his huge cock, which instantly made Truitt’s ass squirm with anticipation.


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