Muscle top Greg Ken is in demand, he knows how to treat his bondage boys right and all the local slaves want to be his little bitch. Lucky David Valentin is the resident dick slut for the muscled master, for the time being at least, and he’s loving every moment of it.

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He’s been waiting for his owner to come home from the gym, he knows working out and seeing all those other muscle cocks in the showers makes master Ken so horny and fills his balls with cum. Indeed, the master is in the mood for a long and arduous session, using David’s mouth, his ass, slamming toys into his hole, pissing over the bondage boy and finally fucking his butt with that big uncut muscle dick until he’s fully satisfied. Poor David is left aching and dripping with his master’s cum by the end of it all, but you shouldn’t feel too sorry for the boy, he loves being this horny hunk’s little toy.


Fisting Central

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