The name Philadelphia means the city of brotherly love. TimmyPH had told me about Jay over many months. I had watched some of his videos prior to meeting him in person. I got to spend a long day working with these two guys and we filmed a great deal. The chemistry is amazing. The scene opens with the two embracing and kissing. TimmyPH is quick to get into Jay’s ass by rimming his hole for a long while. Jay’s reciprocates by rimming Timmyph for a good while.

Fisting Central

Jay’s fist goes elbow deep pretty quick. One thing that makes Jay such a fantastic top is that he never stops moving and he is in constant communication with his bottom. At a point in the video, TimmpPH shoots at piss load into Jay’s face. Jay loves TimmyPH’s piss! After watching I hope you see why I called this one Philadelphia. Its two men in tune with each other who are deeply in love with each other.


Fisting Central

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