He was barebacked by Brogan Reed and Ray Diesel. Now it’s Ken’s turn to fuck Zack Grayson raw.

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Ken is on his knees – Zack’s big cock in his mouth – his bearded face is pressed up against Zack’s groin as he engulfs his entire dick. He sucks at Zack’s balls and then his pushed back on the bed. Zack shows off his own sucking skills – but the bearded Ken wants to get inside Zack’s hole. His tongue licks Zack’s ass lips bending him over so he can get as deep inside as humanly possible. Zack is so horny now that his hole is screaming for cock – so Zack jumps on top of Ken. Ken’s raw cock inside his hole feels insanely good – Zack can hardly contain his load. Ken continues to slam his hole until it’s too much and Zack cums on himself. The sight of Zack’s jizz on his abs sends Ken over the top and he cums deep inside Zack’s fine ass, breeding his load deep inside. As he pulls out you can watch the cum dripping from Zack’s hole.


Fisting Central

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