Tony Shore meets Sebastian Keys at the local gym. Sebastian asks if Tony has ever been tied up before. As a curious dude, Tony explains that he hasn’t any experience in BDSM but really wants to try, so he lets Sebastian take control. Sebastian uses his rope and ties Tony’s body in a standing position. Sebastian starts the real game by stroking Tony’s big dick. He grabs Tony’s balls and jerks Tony’s cock. When Tony is ready to cum, Sebastian suddenly stops.

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Sebastian starts edging again by wrapping his lips around Tony’s fat member and taking it balls deep into his mouth. Tony starts fucking Sebastian’s face but Sebastian pulls away slowly leaving Tony humping the air because he still wont let him blow his load. Sebastian decides it’s time for some ass play. He sticks two fingers in Tony’s ass and then shoves a dildo inside it. Tony takes the toy in his ass. Well stimulated, Tony can’t withstand anymore. A giant load of thick jizz explodes from his rock hard dick.


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