It’s time for bareback again – Raw Power!

In the second scene of Raging Stallion’s first bareback movie “Raw Power”. super star – hairy Kurtis Wolfe bottoms for new model Jay Landford. We find the inclusion of leather briefs and boots quite sexy. But about that in a little while. Now let’s focus our attention on Jay Landford.

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Kurtis Wolfe and Jay Landford

Jay is an absolutely new name and we could not find information about him.. But he looks so good..and his muscular body gives all the information we need. Muscle hairy, ebony stud with his more than huge dick. If you like bearded guys, you’ll find him very sexy. On top of everything, he wears perfect leather shorts that make him just irresistible.

Jay Landford

Kurtis Wolfe, the bottom in this video, is well known with his scenes for Raging Stallion.. he was also one of the models in episode 1 of “Raw Power”.

Kurtis Wolfe

Now, let’s check the action. Leather, boots and hairy guys – it’s a combination that always pleases us. Coupled with Jay Landford, it becomes one of the hottest bareback and leather scenes ever. That raw cock plowing Kurtis’ hairy ass.. it’s really raw power.

Kurtis Wolfe and Jay Landford

As always, the scene opens with oral sex. Kurtis blows Jay’s massive dick and licks his big balls. He then gets rimmed by the new stud. Watching how Jay tongue fucks a hairy hole is really nice. Jay is obviously capable of rimming holes.

Rimming Hairy Hole

But the best part comes when Jay’s raw member slides up to the balls up Kurtis ass. He thrusts him powerfully, furiously, brutally. Really rude and ruthless. Don’t miss the end when that monster cock shoots its load in Kurtis – there so much cum in his ass.. just perfect.

Monster Cock Bareback

The conclusion, the second scene of “Raw Power” is even better than the first. And Jay is really great.. Surely one of the future big gay porn stars.


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