This week’s episode of “Three Wishes” by Raging Stallion, features leather bodybuilder Dolf Dietrich fucking sexy bottom Beaux Banks in the sling. The scene opens with Beau blowing Dolf’s extra big dick. After it’s nice and hard, Dolf tongue fucks Beau by rimming his tight ass. Then, Dolf brutally bangs the horny dude in the sling.

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The tatted daddy pumps away on Beaux, stretching him to the limits with each thrust from his giant cock as Beaux moans out. Dolf wants to stretch Beaux’s throat a bit before finishing off his ass. Beaux gags and pants as Dolf stuffs his face with all the cock that Beaux can swallow. Dolf can’t wait to get back into the young stud’s hole and bends him over to fuck him one last time. It’s almost more than Beaux can handle as Dolf pummels the tight ass in front of him.

It feels so amazing that Dolf can no longer hold off. He can barely get his dick out of Beaux’s ass before it erupts all over the young stud’s ass cheeks. The feel of Dolf’s warm load hitting his back is exactly what he wants, and Beaux rolls over to drain his own balls all over his tight, ripped stomach.


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