Rex Cameron and Arad Winwin in this week’s episode of ‘The Trainer: No Excuses’ by Hot House Entertainment. Rex Cameron is giving a massage to Arad Winwin after a long, hard workout. Rex can see that Arad has popped a dick that’s splayed out on the table like a tail between his legs. Rex adds a bit more oil and rubs it into Arad’s pecs. He peels off Arad’s gym clothes and gets on his knees to take Arad’s huge dick deep down his throat.

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Arad face fucks the sneaker pig, feeding his mouth with a hard dick. Arad then bends Rex over the massage table to rim his hole. After a nice long rimming and fingering session, Arad stands up and shoves his dick deep inside Rex’s tight hole and pumps away, stretching it out with every intrusion from his big cock.


Fisting Central

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